Pipe Spool Fabrication

VPE has been in pipe spool fabrication business for a long time, and it was major activity during the late 1980s to early 2000s when the boom in construction of refineries and petrochemical plants in Thailand. The pipe spool fabrication was part of construction contract to fabricate and install. 

In the past, pipe spool fabrication was labor intensive process required a large number of skilled pipe fitters and welders, often had to employ by offering higher wages than other categories of labor resulting in high production cost and low profit margin. 

In recent years, besides the high labor cost, the skilled labor become scarce due to new labor workforce prefer to work in manufacturing plant than in the construction field with almost no difference in pay. 

VPE, to overcome the problem on high cost and scarcity of labor, decided to invest in a modern latest technology in pipe spool production line which uses fewer trained persons to operate the machines while yielding a consistently high quality output, and substantially increases in productivity. The first fully equipped production line which has been installed and successfully tested at VPE’s Nongbon-2 Plant in 2013 can produce up to 5,000 spools or 40,000 diameter-inch per month of various material types (carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy, high alloy). Surface preparation and painting is done by automatic grit blasting machine available in plant, and heat treatment facility (preheat, post weld heat treatment) is also available. 

With VPE’s new pipe spool production line, customers can be assured of timely delivery, and the highest X-ray quality of welding in GTAW or GMAW or both.