Storage Tanks, Spheres, and Silos

For 50 years in business, VPE has accumulated experiences in fabrication and installation of storage tanks and silos of various types, materials, and designs, todate more than 1,200 have been built.

On tanks, apart from crude oil floating roof and fixed roof tanks, we also built large double-wall cryogenic tanks of liquid ethylene for petrochemical plants and liquid oxygen for gas separation plants.

On spherical tanks, we built several large propylene and VCM spheres for petrochemical plants from prefabricated shell plates.

There are numerous storage silos have been built up to storage capacity of 5,000 tons in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys.

Only recently the company has been doing less business fabrication of tanks and silos, and devotes much of capacity to a more specialized products of fired heaters, and HRSG. Nowadays VPE still retains experience and skill in construction of tanks and silos but doing less of them.