Refractory Work

The refractory lining materials are used in fired heater at the radiant and convection sections. A substantial investment in refractory products design to handle high temperatures and destructive operations can be wasted by careless construction and installation. 

When the number of test increased beyond the outside laboratory could accommodate and the necessity to timely test the samples, VPE decided to establish its own refractory testing laboratory at Khao Hinsorn Plant to meet the demands. The laboratory is managed and operated independently from the manufacturing unit under a separate company, T. T. General Supplies Co., Ltd., and is accredited for quality system to TIS-17025 by Thai National Standard Institute specifically for refractory testing following the specification guideline in ASTM Standard. The dedicated refractory testing laboratory is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Since then until now, more than 7,500 samples have been tested. 

<span style="\&quot;background-color:rgba(255," 255,="" 0.8);="" color:rgb(0,="" 0,="" 0);="" font-family:arial;="" font-size:14px\"="">With the long experience in refractory lining work together with strict quality control and testing system, customers can be assured of consistent high quality of refractory lining work on their heaters.