Shop Detailing and Engineering

VPE’S design and engineering capability to do the 3-D drawing and shop drawing has always been a strong selling point to draw interest of customer in doing business with Company especially in the field of steel fabrication work. Good and accurate drawings will minimize the errors in fabrication work, enable a quick installation at job site and avoid unnecessary repair and rework that could delay the project. VPE has maintained a large team of experienced engineers and draftsmen who have been working with the company for many years, and well trained in using the design software.

From customer’s 2-D engineering drawings, VPE is able to put together all the details into 3-D computerized model which can be rotated for reviewing in all directions. The 3-D model helps customer to visually see whether the design meets all his requirements or not as well as for project owner to quickly review, add comments, and give approval for fabrication. This is the most important first step before any fabrication work can begin.

The approved 3-D drawings are used to generate piece drawings with accuracy to ensure the fabricated parts will fit with other matching parts.

The part and piece drawings and data are transmitted electronically to the factory to prepare cutting plan and fed to the CNC cutting and drilling machines to make parts. The finished parts are sent to shop for further assembling to required dimensions.

In this website, we have included samples of 3-D model drawings of several recent projects of fired heaters and HRSG.