HRSG Power Plant

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is an equipment to recover the waste heat released from either electricity generating gas turbine in power plant or from process plant equipment to produce steam to drive steam turbine or for plant utility usage.

HRSG is considered an “Unfired” boiler due to no combustion takes place inside. However, some large HRSG may require a bank of auxiliary burners to increase inlet temperature and to maintain uniform temperature. There are 2 modes of HRSG; cogeneration mode and combined cycle mode.

VPE’S first experience in fabrication of HRSG’s component was in early 1990s when HRSG technology emerged as a complimentary to the conventional utility boiler for power plant. Today HRSG has become popular for electricity generating source as a replacement of aged utility boiler due to abundance of natural gas, faster response to electricity peak demand, and more environmental-friendly.

Until today, VPE has fabricated more than 200 units of the non-pressure components of HRSG such as main HRSG structure and casing (with insulation and stainless steel liner), access steel (roof platform and stair tower), and steam piping. The other HRSG’s pressure components that VPE has limited involvement are harp bundles and steam drum, and it is best to leave to other specialized vendors to manufacture them.

The demand of HRSG is cyclical depending on the economic state of the user’s country. With the closing of nuclear power plants in several countries due to safety concern, the HRSG demand is on the rising once again. HRSG is the second most important product of our company.