Shop Steel Fabricasdtion

Steel fabrication has always been a core business of Vatana Phaisal Engineering Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1961, and become the foundation of its reputation in the business.

With the increase in workload, the workforce steadily grow from 200 to about 2,000 persons today at the main facility in Khao Hinsorn district, Prachinburi province, and another fabrication shop in Rayong province.

In recent years, in order to counter the rapid increasing cost in labour, materials, and utilities together with the new competitions at home and abroad, the company has undergone re-engineering and adopted best practice model to improve production process and competitiveness, and direct the focus to limited numbers of products to be fabricated.

The new strategy together with customer center policy has been a success especially for fired heaters and HRSG, and Company becomes known worldwide for high quality and workmanship, and delivery on commitment. Company remains the main source of equipment supply to many customers for repeat business.

The current production capacity of steel fabrication plants is 25,000 tons per year. The facility consists of part shop, several fabrication and assembly shops, grit blast and painting shops, and large warehouse and outdoor storage to accommodate large volume of work. The plant is certified and accredited to the quality system ISO 9001-2008.