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>VPE has both the expertise and experience in executing large-scale international modularization projects.  Modularization work entails putting together steel structural, piping spools, equipment such as compressors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and electrical and instrumentation system into a module as per design specifications. While modularization significantly cut construction costs, help optimize site manpower resources and overcome extreme site limitation for clients, it requires more advanced engineering, large shop and land with modularization yard strategically located near the port. VPE fabricate steel 3 manufacturing shops at its main factory are Khao Hin Sorn Factory, Nongbon1 Factory and Nongbon 2 Factory. Then, the modularization processes are completed at pre-assembly and modularization yard, which is located in Sattahip commercial port.

VPE has been building huge steel structures for mines, power plants, and industrial plants for both Thai and International clients, impressing them with exceptional project execution. A dedicated team of engineers and skilled workers are assigned to the client’s site for each project. Site erection and construction scope are extensions of the fabrication scope after completion at our manufacturing plant. VPE works closely with clients at all stages from planning to procurement, material control, inspection, fabrication, modularization, transportation, installation and construction to ensure meeting the quality standard and the required schedule.


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