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VPE and the Fired Heaters

Fired heater is one of the most important equipment in oil refinery and petrochemical plant which provides heat to crude oil and other process fluids in order to cause physical and/or chemical changes to produce useful products.

In 1994 when  the rapid expansion of refinery and petrochemical plants took place, the frist heater order was given to VPE. Nowadays heater is one of the VPE's most important products.

VPE is indebt and grateful to many of our customer who said trained and transferred thier knowledge and expertise to us on the techniques to enable us to manufacture high quality heaters, which we adapted the method to manufracture other products as well. In order to serve all customers, VPE remains an independent contrator.

To fulfill our Company's vision, it is company's management goal to continue improving the quality, delivery time, and productivity of our products to becom a "Company of Choice" with our customers whom we consider as our long time partners and friends.



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